The Verona building was constructed in 1923 and has been a part of Auckland's growing multi-cultural society since the cafe restaurant was introduced in the early 1960s. It has been responsible for pioneering numerous forward thinking concepts throughout the rears, including being one of the first espresso cafes in Auckland, and one of the first all organic vegan restaurants in the city (circa 1970).

Verona has always been considered a cultural melting pot in the eyes of many, and provides a home for people from all walks of life. Our aim is to provide a diverse and welcoming experience throughout, from music to visual art, from a delicious cabinet menu to intriguing alcoholic beverages. From our rich history to our foreseeable future, we pride ourselves on being an iconic part of Karangahape Road's beautiful culture.

We are very passionate about our coffee at Verona Cafe, which is why we make sure that we source the finest coffee beans we can find. Roasted locally in Auckland, the beans are delivered fresh for your enjoyment.

Craft beers are becoming an increasingly more significant part of New Zealand's Bar and Restaurant culture. Here at Verona, we strive to supply the most definitive in New Zealand beers, which is why we trust our friends at Hawkes Bay Independent Breweries to craft the finest beer available in Auckland City. Providing three iconic bees, and an equally as impressive cider, it is our vision to make your experience as delightful as possible.

In supporting the growing eclectic multi-cultural society that we are a part of here in Auckland City, we like to ensure that we support a wide range of providers when it comes to our wine selection. While providing our house wine sourced from the vineyards of Spain, and our beautiful Shiraz fermented from the finest Australian grapes, we like to support a range of forward thinking New Zealand wineries by supplying some of our countries finest wines.

When it comes to cocktails, we like to think outside the box a little to bring you something different. While holding to the classics everybody knows and loves, we also have our own range of cocktails shaken with a twist of the classic Verona vibe. Our team works day and night to define the perfect synchronization between texture and flavour, bringing you the finest cocktails that are sure to keep you coming back for a second helping.

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